“ Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.”

-Martin Scorsese

Still Waters Films began in 2007, when Preeti Machat and Jerald Packiasamy decided to start an advertising film production house that focused on having fun while telling stories and creating unique imagery across all types and scales of projects. Our vision, to produce films with innovative content, technology and creative skills, has been fueling us to strive and define every project with its own distinctive approach.




Stretch Street

Mother Exchange

The Princess


Ghar Whapsi

Baby Store



Executive Producer

Preeti is the bedrock of Still Waters. She is the negotiator, the planner, the supreme keeper of the purse and anti-derailment high commander, as in she makes sure the project stays on track from start to finish. She is known for her killer memory and has politely turned down all job offers from various foreign spy agencies 'who could really use her talent'. She has been in the trenches of ad-film advertising for the last eight years. With all these powers and skills combined can she send her two year old to bed on time? Don't hold your breath.

Jerald Packiasamy


Slashing through the usual dense, floral, profile prose to the bare bones of the matter is Jerald, the ad filmmaker. How many years has he been at it? 8 years and counting! Number of ad- films he's made? Over 150 ad films for premium national and international brands. Passionate? Yes. In love with the Craft? Tick. From script to screen a stickler for detail, time and quality. Jerald loves to use the F word, frequently as in 'fitness' he runs, cycles and swims. Finally, he also attempts very hard to play the guitar every second Tuesday of the month when Saturn is in the house of Zeus.

jayant yadav


As a filmmaker he is rock steady, focused and intense. Random Factoid: He lives in Mumbai. His compatriots unanimously have this to say about him 'Very Zen'. His sentence formation is complex, it likes taking the road less traveled. So, when you converse with him remember good conversation comes to those who wait. He likes to tell jokes which you might mostly not get, but do not fear there's so much more where that came from. If he were a super hero he would be 'Unfazeable Man' - as a director they call him that anyway!


Preeti Machat
Executive Producer

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